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We Find Ourselves Full of Gratitude

As 2019 draws to a close I send deep appreciation and gratitude to everyone who has so very generously offered support, in myriad ways, to Radiant Light Sangha, the Non-Toxic Tiny Home Prototype Project and to me personally.  Thank you so very much. The ongoing and most profound lesson is that we exist through presence and love of one another, and return again and again to this deep truth as our all too human lives unfold, through happiness, joy, challenges, and departures.  We make meaning in our ability to see our own innate goodness, transform negativity into loving kindness and compassion, and make gifts to others, including our Mother Earth, finding deep peace and joy in presence.

To the 75 donors and volunteers whose generosity has given birth and sustained the Non-Toxic Tiny Home Program, we absolutely could not have gotten this far without your help, extend deep gratitude and our commitment to see this project through successfully and share all we have learned to help others. Others are beginning their healthful tiny house builds with our informational support in the US and Canada.

Please do consider making an end of the year offering to Radiant Light Sangha and support our efforts to support others in their process of spiritual awakening, ease suffering in the world, and protect the environment.  Thank you so very much.

In dharma,

Rev. Eko Noble Founder, Radiant Light Sangha

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