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Happy New Year 2024

Updated: Jan 1

All best wishes for a very happy and healthy New Year, and deep gratitude for your interest and support of Radiant Light Sangha and the Non-Toxic Tiny House Prototype Project.

2023 was a year of steadfast caretaking, deep healing, transformation of old views and the overcoming obstacles, to support greater activity and service in 2024. A number of loved ones in community passed away in 2023. The profound gifts of their life energies and love continues to extend through us into the world. Offering gratitude to our blood ancestors, teachers and companions on the spiritual path as we live each day to the fullest.

Dear buddhist friends wisely advise to "embrace the new year with an open heart and fierce spirit" which to me means doing everything possible to protect and support the rights of each individual in our society and advocate strongly that peace and mutual welfare be our true societal goals.

I am excited to announce that we will be offering online courses this year to contemplatively read and study classic Buddhist texts to enliven and deepen our connection to Buddhadharma, and support peace, sympathetic joy and compassion in our daily lives.

Also please do find my writing now at

Here is an image, a gift from the sea, I think expresses the joy and freedom that can be found in Buddhist practice. Wishing you great ease and every happiness in this New Year!

In dharma, with love,

Rev. Ekō Susan Noble

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