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Tiny House Update December 2019-Patience and Progress

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Ready for Interior Sealing, Electricity and Plumbing!

Heartfelt gratitude and thanks to each donor and friend supporting the RLS Non-toxic Tiny House Prototype Project. Our commitment to build the healthiest possible living structure of its kind possible continues strongly, and we feel much satisfaction in what we have accomplished thus far. Thanks to the skill and effort of many people, the tiny house is simply beautiful, from the finely installed exterior metal siding, without a single leak, to the carefully milled untreated Douglas fir beams of the interior! Gratitude abounds!

The beauty of Let-In Brace Framing

Sheep’s Wool Insulation

From project inception and first phase of construction on Lopez Island, WA, now continuing in Oregon, potential problems have been avoided by slowing down and carefully examining every aspect of the build, deepening our knowledge base, learning from others and integrating materials that will insure the environmental integrity of this special tiny house for years to come.

Compassion and kindness drives this effort to address environmental health issues, prevent compromise of health, and bring the positive benefit of living in non-toxic structures to our lives. Everyone deserves access to this information and knowhow, especially to protect the healthy futures of young people, and assist who are already experiencing health issues from environmental pollution and consumer product toxicity. We can educate ourselves and make small, conscious and cost effective choices for the sake of our futures. This effort is one way we at Radiant Light Sangha express our kindness and compassion as Buddhists. Thank you so much for your interest and support.

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