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NEW: Tiny House Update 01-2024

Expanding the Circle of Giving to Benefit All

         Bodai-An  菩提庵

Hermitage of Awakening & Refuge 

     RLS Non-Toxic Tiny House


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Phase 1 construction completed.

The idea for Bodai-An, 菩提庵, Hermitage of Awakening & Refuge, a non-toxic tiny house on wheels, began with both a personal need and the discovery that many others suffering from extreme environmental sensitivities also desperately need flexible, safe housing. Many have had to move to remote areas to avoid dangerous exposures. But in our increasingly toxic environment, there are fewer places sufficiently free from chemicals and electromagnetic radiation for these people to find safe shelter.


This prototype non-toxic tiny house is designed from the ground up to be mobile, free of all carcinogenic and toxic materials, properly shielded from electromagnetic radiation, and a wonderfully secure and inviting transitional or permanent home — a lifesaver for people with extreme environmental health issues. 


Designed by Rev. Eko Noble for her own residence, this tiny house project was donated to Radiant Light Sangha (RLS) — a Buddhist 501(c)(3) non-profit organization — establishing the RLS Design Prototype Program. The knowledge-base and resources necessary to complete a project like this are considerable, requiring compassionate community support. Vetted building materials lists, (the product of years of research) and the details of specialized building techniques to avoid toxicity and development of mold, and maintain excellent indoor air quality, will be Open Source. 


Individuals who wish to build their own non-toxic tiny house will benefit from this information, and the professional tiny house building community will be encouraged to incorporate these materials and features into their designs to improve the environmental health quality for all who live in tiny houses. It is also our hope that with this information tiny house builders will be in a much better position to build truly non-toxic tiny houses to individual specifications needed by the environmentally sensitive community. 

Your generous donation at this critical time will mean so much and open the path for those in desperate need of a safe home.


Fundraising Objective: $20,000 for Materials and Supplies

We are soliciting volunteer and reduced rate professional labor at every opportunity. Two generous donors have already pledged $1,000 each! Once our goal of $20,000 is reached, a Finishing Donation of $5,000 will be received to cover the cost of inspection and any professional labor necessary to bring this project to successful completion.


This is truly an effort of love and compassion by many.

Please join me in offering the final crucial support to build the RLS Non-Toxic Tiny House Prototype, and make your generous tax-deductible donation today. I urge you to act NOW! — the only moment we ever have to

Expand the Circle of Giving to Benefit All!  

With gratitude,

Rev. Eko Noble

We wish to acknowledge the generous support from the following donors:


Professional and In Kind Support


Tom Froning/Soundesign, LLC, Lopez Island Washington — for healthy design and meticulous construction.


David Steinbrueck’s Place Barn. The barn where the RLS Non Toxic Tiny House was born! Built around 1915 as a hay barn, this structure has also been used over the years as storage for pea straw as well as tarred reef nets. The center-entry, saltbox-roofed structure measures 45′ wide by 65′ long and is 35′ high. It is listed on the Washington Heritage Barn Register.


S & S Homestead Farm, Lopez Islandbiodynamic food, lodging and splendid encouragement.


Jed Share Images; Jed and Kaoru Share, Seattle, WA for project documentation.


Kestrel Transport, Battleground, WA


The Arion’s; Corbett, Oregon — for donated storage and tiny house parking.

The Byers family in Eugene, Oregon for ongoing support and encouragement.


And 80 Generous Individual Donors!

—with deep gratitude, thank you 🙏🏻

About Radiant Light Sangha -

A Buddhist Community providing Inspiration, Support and Healing

Taking refuge in the Three Jewels of the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, cultivating Bodhicitta — the aspiration to awaken — offering meditation practices of the greater Mahayana and Vajrayana traditions, providing spiritual guidance, bringing love and compassion in service to relieve suffering, protecting the environment and supporting the welfare of all living beings.

Founding Radiant Light Temple, a Buddhist sanctuary for healing and awakening.

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About Rev. Eko Noble

Rev. Eko Susan Noble is an American Buddhist priest, writer and independent scholar. She was educated at New York University, (BFA) and in 1988 completed academic and ascetic training at the Niso Gakuin, Mt. Koya, Japan, in the Koysasan lineage of Shingon Esoteric Buddhism becoming the first Western woman to receive acharya certification in this tradition. After further years of study and training at Yochi-in Temple at Mt. Koya and service at temples in Nara, Japan she returned to the US in 1995, taught Buddhism and Japanese Religions as an adjunct at Portland State University, completed certification in Clinical and Biomedical Research Ethics serving on two institutional review boards and worked in hospice chaplaincy. Founding Radiant Light Sangha in 2005, she continues Buddhist practice and the study of Buddhist philosophy, consciousness, healing, psychology and has an abiding commitment to environmental preservation and regeneration.

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